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How to Be a Good Guest Activity Cards for Kids
How to Be a Good Guest Activity Cards for Kids
How to Be a Good Guest Activity Cards for Kids

How to Be a Good Guest Activity Cards for Kids

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Fun Activity to Teach Your Child How to Be a Guest

Children learn quicker when they are engaged in active play. Incorporating role play is one effective way to teach this lesson. You can use puppets, stuffed animals, dolls, or just role play with your child. 

Go through different scenarios demonstrating good and poor behavior as well as different types of events.

Give your child the experience of being the host as well as the guest. A child will also learn the importance of proper guest behavior from the perspective what she would expect as a host.

Remember the point of teaching a child to be a proper guest is to show respect a gratitude to the host.

Rules are a great guideline and perfect place to start.

Yet, you will see through discussing thankfulness, respect, and obedience in light of being a guest that your child will naturally take on the role of a good guest.

You will receive a printable .pdf file with 3 pages.

  • 2 challenge activity cards pages
  • 1 thank you letter template

 How to Use:

Print Guest Challenge Cards onto card stock. Cut out cards and use the cards to ask your children questions and role play different scenarios.

Print Thank You Letter onto nice paper and encourage your child to write a thank you note to his friends when he has had the opportunity to be a guest in someone else's home.

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